About Us

White pigeon marine services have been a prominent name in the domain of ship supply. Established on 2012, in port said as a head office, now we cover all Egyptian ports, we have a wide maritime service, ranging from provisions, bonded, deck, engine, safety, spare parts, industrial supplies, electrical equipment etc.

With our facilities in all Egyptian ports with the help of our partner network, we offer marine supplies in Egypt to all kinds of vessels arriving to Suez Canal area and all Egyptian ports. With our own warehouses, we guarantee to our customers a high quality products and we make sure that all the requirements of the vessels are catered in a timely manner.

about trucks

With our fleet of reefer vehicles and specially built insulated delivery container ensures that the quality of goods is maintained at all points of the delivery process. With our advanced storage and inventory management systems which enable us to support prompt and uninterrupted ship supplies in all Egyptian ports when required.

With our team of experienced experts in all relevant areas is familiar with working customer-oriented clients and working with them continuously over long period of time. We make use of our flexibility and creativity in order to meet all the frequently changing demands of the market. The company is taking on an aspect of a world-class shipping and marine catering service provider today.

about team

With our commitment to quality, together with competitive pricing, expertise of our employees and a worldwide supplier and partner network we guarantee to our customer’s reliable service with fast response and rendering excellent maritime services for saving time and money to vessels owners.

As a result of continuous marketing activities based on solid global network and valuable experience in catering and shipping services, we succeeded in making contracts with overseas and domestic clients. These results have strengthened our market leadership in spite of tough market conditions.