Representative Services

Crew change can take place at berth, anchorage and off port limits, and we collect the crew members from airport assisting them safely on board. When necessary we also arrange suitable hotel accommodation according to requirements. We are obliged to clear all on and off signing crew at our local immigrations office, and for which we need in advance all personal details (name, surname, date and place of birth, passport number and expiry date) along with the full flight itinerary. To support the crew change service, we use :

  • Official insured cars, micro buses and larger buses according to numbers.


  • 3, 4 & 5 star hotels where crew can stay until vessel arrives or flight departures.


  • Large service boat with capacity up to 22 seated crew members per trip.

























We are one of the most reliable and professional sludge removal company has the great capacity and rich experience to deal with ship sludge discharge. We can guarantee we will provide you ideal quotation for collection and disposal for garbage, bilge and sludge for all kinds of vessels arrive to all Egyptian ports. Most importantly, we offer a written certificate for sludge removal to be used for any administrative procedure after the operation.























We finish all customs clearance arrangement and deliver on board spare parts and parcels, 24hours a day, 7 days a week around the year. When larger repairs or mobilization is taking place, we also clear and deliver full containers with spare parts that arrive either by container. Spare parts can be delivered on board whilst vessel remains alongside, at anchorage area, but for a smooth delivery on board we need to issue its pre-clearance before the different Authorities.

Here is all you need, if you wanna send us a parcels

Instructions to write the AWB
  • AWB MUST show  Ship's spares in transit. 
  • All parcels MUST be marked with AWB no. 
  • All Original documents must accompany the cargo and detailed packing list should be included in the shipment. 
  • All documents should be included in the pouch attached to the AWB. 
  • No documents should be placed inside the parcels. 
  • Original AWB (with minimum two copies). 
  • Upon dispatch, white.pigeon@suezcanal.net must be notified together with copies of commercial invoice + AWB + detailed  packing list.
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We supply high-quality potable water round-the-clock to vessels calling at the all Egyptian Ports. The water supplied meets the standards specified by the World Health Organization in its guidelines for drinking-water quality. To serve our customers better, we have a continuous fleet renewal plan and a robust fleet maintenance program. Our newer water boats have a larger tank capacity of 500 metric tons and are engineered to move at an increased speed when fully loaded. They are fitted with water cargo pumps that supply at a rate of 100MT/hr.

Our company is capable to deliver Cash to Master at all Egyptian seaports . We can guarantee for our Cash to Master and Mail delivery will be done during ship stay in port. Our company deliver cash to the vessel’s captains with competitive handling fees. We deliver with the best customer service and in any major world currencies of your choice.